Introducing RISE MicroSchools!

RISE MicroSchools connect families together to design in-person co-learning spaces that meet the individual needs of students. By developing a close-knit community, RISE Microschools propel students beyond the classroom and into deep, meaningful relationships with their peers and guides. RISE MicroSchools provide religious, social and academic enrichment programs. We focus on supporting families in developing these co-learning spaces to assist with student formation, family well-being, and academic success.

Rising Sun Times

The Rising Sun Times is our official monthly newsletter, detailing events, updates, and highlights from the past month at RISE Institute, including student spotlights, teacher features, and information about the Roots of RISERs. It also includes a look ahead at upcoming events and programs for families and the community!

Enrollment is Now Open!

We are now accepting applications for the 2022-2023 school year! Be ready to pay the enrollment fee and submit prior year report cards when you apply! Families will be directed to schedule a family meeting and new student assessment after applying as well.


Rise Institute is accredited by Cognia and meets the criteria for educational quality established by Cognia. 

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RISE Institute is always looking for donations in different aspects of the school, from operations to student sponsorships to future developments. RISE Education System is a registered 501(c)(3) non-profit and has permission to accept khums and zakat. All donations are tax-deductible (EIN# 82-5182926). 


I am very impressed by the team’s efforts and effectiveness. I am appreciative of this opportunity to have Shia education as I don’t live close to a Shia school.

- Jihaad Abdul-Majid

 [The staff] have all mA been so wonderful and accommodating, ensuring our needs are met, and that we are content, and everything is basically answered for us[…]This great idea of an online faith based regular full-time school with a focus on the Shia beliefs is highly commendable, and is a matter of pride for our Community

- Hasan Rizvi

This was an amazing event, well organized, and gave a close-knit family feel and a chance to meet the other Rise families!

- 3rd Grade Parent on one of the RISE Institute family events

So far, RISE is exceeding our expectations, Alhamdolillah!!

- Zainab Salah

Donate to RISE Institute

What is RISE Institute?

RISE Institute is a non-profit, community based virtual school founded under the guidance of Moulana Nabi Raza Abidi and is an affiliate of RISE Schools and Al-Kisa Foundation. With the help of our team of scholars, parents, volunteers, and educators, we hope to give families across the country the opportunity to give their children a holistic education, inshāʾAllāh. To date, RISE Institute has reached students across the United States and Canada and has over 160 families and is still rising!

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