Returning students


Beginning in 2024, RISE Institute will be implementing an Automatic Save-Your-Spot charge for its students. Because the majority of our students return each year, it removes the burden of having to confirm their status for the following school year. Now, our students only need to enroll once!

This process also helps our administration must plan for the upcoming school year’s teachers, materials, programs, curriculum, and more, all based on the number of students enrolling.

We will communicate to all parents each year in January and remind them of the notification date to discontinue their enrollment. And since most of our students continue enrollment, no action is required for the majority of our families. 

Please note that saving your spot does not guarantee your enrollment for the 2024-2025 school year. There will also be additional steps required after the payment of the enrollment fee. 


Why Automatic Save-Your-Spot instead of regular re-enrollment?

  • As the majority of our students return each year, it eliminates additional effort and communication needed on both ends
  • Current families do not need to be concerned about securing their spot for next year
  • Less continuous back-and-forth between the administration and families
  • Our administration is able to plan ahead for the following year
  • It is an approach to enrollment followed by most colleges and many private schools across the nation

What are the steps to confirm my child’s spot for next year?

If your child is returning, your payment method used for tuition will be automatically charged the discounted enrollment fee for the following year on February 1st. Once the payment is made, all you need to do is confirm that the information we have on file (address, contact information, health information, etc.) is up-to-date. Then we’ll send a final confirmation early in the spring that your child is enrolled for the following school year.

I’d like to change the payment method used for the enrollment fee.

If you have any questions or concerns about the enrollment fee payment method, timeline, or amount, please contact by January 31st. 

Does this mean my child’s enrollment is guaranteed?

No, begin automatically charged does NOT guarantee your child’s enrollment. It saves their spot for the upcoming school year, but their enrollment may be conditional depending on if they have any academic or behavioral conracts or if there are any financial deliquencies that need to be closed first. 

What if I do not want to be automatically charged?

We will be sure to notify families in December and give them through the end of January of fill out the Intent to Discontinue Enrollment Form. As long as it is filled out by January 31, you will not be charged. Your child’s spot will be given up to the pool of incoming students.

What if I fill out the form but then change my mind after February 1st?

Contact and let them know as soon as possible. However, as your child’s spot is no longer secured, they may not be guarantee a space if their class is at capacity. They will also be required to pay the full enrollment fee. 

Note: Familes that communicate their intent to continue after June 15th will be required to pay a $100 late fee on top of the full enrollment fee. 

What if I am automatically charged but then my circumstances change after February 1st?

You can fill out the Intend to Discontinue Form at any time once you decide you will not be continuing with RISE Institute. However, as a general rule, our enrollment fee is non-refundable. Refunds are contingent upon verification and satisfaction of any of the following conditions:

  • Dismissal at the request of the RISE Institute Administration
  • Insufficient Financial Assistance awarded  

My student’s return is contingent on being given financial assistance. What is the process for me?

Your child will still be automatically charged for the following school year. However, you will need to follow the financial aid process for them. We will not confirm their re-enrollment until their finance status is cleared; therefore, we highly recommend applying for financial assistance as early as possible. Priority will be given to current families until February 1st. The final deadline to apply is June 15th.